Peddlo: An Online Marketplace with a Simple Fair Fee Structure

There are several online marketplaces which offer numerous benefits and selling tools to sellers in return for monthly fees. Some marketplaces are very popular like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc. and others are not very famous. From a seller’s perspective, a good marketplace is one which offers the best online selling tools with the lowest costs to sell their products. As a marketplace grows outwardly by gaining more and more sellers and buyers, naturally it offers more tools for sellers to facilitate the sale of their products and for buyers it introduces more offers and buying programmes. All these are offered at a cost to the marketplace which it recoups from the monthly fees from sellers as well as sales commissions. A time comes when a marketplace is grabbing nearly 40-60% of the revenue under the heading of different costs such as monthly fees, advertisement costs and others.

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Your Business, Your Way

Behind every success story there is a great deal of effort and endurance. Being your own boss in the real sense is only possible in your own business. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. These are a few realities of life. In the old days, street hawkers would sell their goods on the streets. As time passed on, businesses evolved as owners became cleverer and sharper in the ever-evolving business environment.

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Peddle Your Business with Peddlo

All online sellers dream of huge growth of their online businesses with low competition to face and a handsome profit margin. This whole paradigm of selling goods online sounds like a very interesting business model. But there are many hidden pitfalls which many sellers overlook.

The first and most important decision to sell products online is to choose a suitable medium to offer and sell products online. A seller can launch their own website or they can choose to sell via an online marketplace website. There are pros and cons attached to both of these options.

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Stay Local, Sell Global. For FREE. Only on Peddlo

There are many online marketplaces that offer their sellers the opportunity to list their products in their global network of marketplaces in different geographical regions. But there comes a catch! This catch is in the form of paying an extra monthly fee or a charge on each new listing added to any other geographical region of the marketplace platform.

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Peddlo: The Challenger Online Marketplace

There are many online marketplaces of different sizes and kinds. From a seller’s perspective an ideal marketplace is one that has the lowest running costs and has a big buyer pool. There is no doubt that the number of buyers increase as the number of sellers increase on a marketplace. In this context, an older well-established online marketplace seems to be a better choice for setting up online store. But this is not always true! Continue reading “Peddlo: The Challenger Online Marketplace”

40+ reasons to sell on Peddlo: the most advanced online marketplace

There are always many reasons given by a new online marketplace to join it. For example, if you visit Peddlo, you will be amazed to know that besides fantastic welcome offers for sellers there are some exclusive and unique features provided to sellers. Continue reading “40+ reasons to sell on Peddlo: the most advanced online marketplace”

Buying or Selling Wholesale or Retail? The choice is yours. The best choice is Peddlo.

Most wholesalers and manufacturers are from China and most of their buyers are scattered around the world. There is no doubt that whatever products and raw materials you want to procure for your business, you can get a manufacturer/supplier in China.

No one can deny the fact that in the present era China is dominating the world in manufacturing and the assimilation of supply chain processes and suppling of products. Name a product and you can have it manufactured in China. Many suppliers are eager to supply to your business from this giant business hub in the far-East part of the globe. Continue reading “Buying or Selling Wholesale or Retail? The choice is yours. The best choice is Peddlo.”

The buy box on online marketplaces: a flawed concept

The buy box is a concept on some marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Newegg and others which aims to improve the customer experience. However, what it in fact does is create a headache and fierce competition amongst sellers. Whenever a product has multiple sellers, some marketplaces use an algorithm to determine which seller should get the “Add to cart” option on the product page. There is a better solution when you sell on Peddlo. Continue reading “The buy box on online marketplaces: a flawed concept”

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